Fresair Installations

The Fresair 12V Air Cooler gives you the freedom to get a fresh breeze from anywhere.

Fresair 12V Air Cooler

Conversion Vans, RVs, 5th Wheels

Need a 12V Air Cooler for your Van Conversion or an upgrade to your RV? Instead of resorting to regular 12V Air Conditioners that rely on generators and shore power,  we highly recommend our Fresair 12V Air Cooler, if we don’t say so ourselves. Finding a 12V air cooler is like finding a unicorn. There are far fewer restrictions than a typical A/C such as not needing to be connected to AC or shore power. The Fresair can be turned on in any situation—extreme heat, rain, with the doors open, while you’re driving, while you’re sleeping, when you’re not in the vehicle, you name it. No matter the situation, we want you to be cool and comfy. 

Golf Carts

Ever had the desire to golf during the summer but the thought of heat exhaustion causes you to transition to a not-as-fun indoor activity? Call your local golf course and tell them an install of the Fresair 12V Air Cooler would greatly convince you to enjoy endless days on the course. Have your own golf cart? Hole-in-one. Order your Fresair, schedule your tee-time, and look forward to cruising down the fairway in the midst of an endless powerful breeze.

Golf Cart Air Cooler
Fresair Trailer Installation

Trailers & Pull Behinds

Road warrior? Lover of summertime camping? Sweat no more. We want to keep you cool with ample airflow for your teardrop, pull-behind, trailer, etc. The possibilities of our Fresair 12V Air Cooler are endless as is the strong airflow produced by Fresair.

Stepvans & Commercial Vehicles

We considered this a step up (pun intended) from traditional fans. Having a Fresair 12V Air Cooler means you’ll be introducing cool air, reducing the temperature by up to 40°F and creating an airflow within the space. It also means workers won’t have to step into a hotbox each time they need to grab the delivery items from the van. We love a no-sweat option for everyone!

Stepvan Air Cooler

Want to see it in action?

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