Maintenance: Tray Pre-Filter

The Tray Pre-Filter is located in the tray and is responsible for a second filtering process, avoiding the entry of dirt into the pump, protecting the pump from clogging and breaking down. We recommend inspecting and gently washing the filter every 6 months. Dirt can gradually accumulate which over time lowers the equipment’s performance and […]

Maintenance: Evaporative Straw Filter

The evaporative straw or pine filter is located in the tray, external air is pulled through the moistened straw causing evaporation over a large surface area resulting in the cooling of the passing air which is delivered to the internal vents. It also filters out dust, insects, and acts as a humidifier in very low […]

Troubleshooting: Maintenance Check

We suggest performing preventative maintenance and replacing wearable parts every year (injection pump, return pump and pine filter bag), coinciding with your yearly vehicle maintenance. See full details within the owner’s manual.