Fresair Mini Reservoir for S6 Van Conversion Kit

Water Lines

Includes an injection and return barb to conveniently cycle water between the unit and house water tank.


The pump connects to the water lines in order to pump the water to its destination.


A float sensor is included to monitor low water levels. A light will blink on the control panel alerting you when the reservoir needs to be refilled.


Combining the Fresair Mini Reservoir with our 12V Air Cooler can reduce temperature up to 40ºF combined with the use of ventilation and air flow.

Fresair Mini Reservoir

Air Vent

Water Return

Water Pump


Float Sensor

Gravity Fill


The Fresair Mini Reservoir's convenient size allows for easy placement.


On average, consumption is around 1L per hour, however, this information depends on a number of variables such as ambient temperature, exterior temperature, running mode, fan speed, level of use, etc.


The Fresair Mini Reservoir simply needs tap water. No chemicals or additives are needed for it to function.

Fresair Mini Reservoir




No, ice will not hurt the system but it is not necessary as the difference in thermal sensation will be minimal.

The sensor buoy is attached to the water tank and monitors the water level. If the tank is full and the low water warning light remains on, check that the sensor is inserted correctly in the reservoir with the green dot facing up. If the sensor is inserted correctly and the light remains on it should be replaced.

The return pump is located in the tray and returns excess water to the reservoir.

We recommend replacing the injection pump every 12 months.

More information can be found in the maintenance section of the owner’s manual. 

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