Fresair 12V Air Cooler of the Future


The Fresair 12V Air Cooler is the perfect cooling option for Van Conversions, RVs, Trailers, Tear-drops, Delivery Fleets, Golf Carts and more.

Fresair 12V Air Cooler

Designed to give you chills.

You’ve just discovered our Fresair 12V Air Cooler. Fresair is a patented evaporative cooling unit that produces glorious cold air and a powerful breeze when you need it the most. Among it’s many benefits, it’s durable enough for the road, yet lightweight with a sleek profile.

Up to 40°F Cooler

Up to 22 Continuous Hours

Low Power Consumption

Okay, but how does it work?

We’re so glad you asked. Fresair is conveniently designed to utilize minimal power from your 12V system to produce a satisfying breeze even during the hottest desert-like days.

Using its built-in pump, it circulates conservative amounts of tap water from its reservoir (included) through an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal organic pine filter to produce cooler air and conveniently accommodates a variety of applications. As an added bonus, the pine filter even helps to filter dust and pollen out of the air. Insert mic drop here.

Fresair Air Cooler


Variable modes

Run it with doors open, doors closed, vehicle on, vehicle off, pump on, pump off and choose your flow from low to high.


Adjust the four directional air-craft style vents to direct air where you need it. Close vents to concentrate air on a certain area.

Low Profile

Fresair has a low sleek profile, streamlined (no wind noise) and it's sexy as hell. It's even low enough to fit underneath roof racks or solar panels.

Light Weight

This light weight unit saves on payload and reduces top-heaviness.

Up to 40º Cooler

Our 12V Air Cooler can reduce temperature up to 40ºF! On average at 85ºF ambient temperature you could see a 20ºF drop combined with the use of ventilation and air flow.

Fresair 12V Air Cooler

Low Maintenance

Annual injection pump, return pump and pine filter replacement means minimal maintenance.


20x less power than traditional AC units and slightly more power draw (<8A/h at full power) than a simple roof fan.


Simply fill your reservoir with water straight from the tap. No need for any specialty chemical fluids or coolants to ensure cooler air.


Running on water, battery and solar power alone, in addition to triple-filtering the air and running clean, Fresair is your green energy solution.


Fresair can easily be installed within a 14" by 14" opening.

Fresair 12V Air Cooler

What's the difference between Fresair & Traditional Cooling Units?

Unlike traditional air conditioning units that demand high power and run on a refrigerant—Fresair runs on regular tap water and is powered by the vehicle’s existing battery. It draws minimal power and provides cooling of up to 40°F+ degrees! It does just what a Fresair 12V DC Air Cooler should do—keep it cool.

The cooling effect is generated by evaporation and is triple filtered, feeling dry, unlike a typical “swamp” cooler or misting system. The unit itself is very slimline at only 3.7″ (5.5″ for the S7i) tall but packs a punch with four adjustable vents and our latest smart control panel safeguarding the system.


Go ahead... Take a peek at our Fresair Models

You've Got Options

Whether you’re installing the Fresair in a Van, Escapod, RV, Delivery Truck, Tear-Drop, Golf Cart or Skoolie— one thing’s for sure, you’ll be staying cool.


Our knowledge base is an incredible resource for all things Fresair including parts, installation, maintenance and more.


Want to know all the places Fresair can be installed? Check out our installations page so you can take a look.


Check out our video gallery to see the installation process. Not all installs are the same but this gives you an idea.

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