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The sleek 12V DC Air Cooler is customized for use in Van Conversion, RVs, Skoolies and more.

Fresair 12V Air Cooler

What's the S8?

Our newest addition Fresair S8 Air Cooler is an innovative evaporative cooling device that generates refreshing air and a robust breeze while consuming minimal power, making it a perfect solution for your cooling needs. It’s intended to be installed in various vehicles, including Van Conversions, RVs, Skoolies, Golf Carts, and many others.

It includes an 18L water reservoir for storage, or you may choose the Mini Reservoir to connect to your current water system.

What's the S7i?

The Fresair S7i is a patented cooling unit that sets itself apart from the S6 with its inclusion of an internal reservoir intended for maximized space optimization. Similar to the S6 it runs on 12V, producing cool air and a powerful breeze. It’s designed for installations such as Escapods, Trailers, Stepvans and even fleets, but can also be used for Van Conversions and RVs given its versatility. 

Fresair S7i Air Cooler
12V DC Air Cooler

What's the difference between Fresair S8 & S7i Models?

While both 12V DC Air Coolers are fairly similar in design and functionality, the main function that sets these two apart are their reservoirs.  

The S8 comes with your choice between the 18L Reservoir and the Mini Reservoir. The 18L reservoir is designed to maximize water storage capacity and run independently of the main water system. The Mini Reservoir is designed with efficiency in mind. It allows you versatile placement & and the ability to connect with the main water system for a lean set up. The S8 comes packed with additional features such as sleep timer functions and even bluetooth capabilities.

The S7i has its own internal reservoir and is optimized with direct hose connections for an easy and streamlined set up. 


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