Fresair Reservoirs

We offer unique Fresair Reservoir types to accommodate your installation.

Fresair Reservoir

S6 Van Conversion Kit 18L Reservoir

Our 18L Fresair Reservoir comes with the S6 Van Conversion kit. The reservoir can be mounted vertically or horizontally. We recommend mounting the reservoir with the provided brackets in an accessible space separate from electrical. With consistent use, people consume approximately 1L per hour. It is filled through the fill cap located at the top of  the reservoir if mounted vertically. For your convenience a low water indicator will light up when it’s time to refill.

S6 Van Conversion Kit Mini Reservoir

The Mini Reservoir allows you to easily create a connection between the Fresair and your main water supply. With the Mini Reservoir you will have the ability to draw water from main fresh water tank and cycle the water through to the Fresair Air Cooling Unit through the injection line. The return water heads through the return line back to the mini reservoir, keeping your fresh water free of any debris.

Fresair 8L Reservoir

S6 Golf Cart Kit 8L Reservoir

The 8L golf reservoir is about the size of a battery. The Fresair Reservoir can be installed under the seat with the batteries if there is space. Many EZGO and Yamaha carts have space under the seat for a battery sized reservoir. They can also be mounted in the rear cargo hold or in the sweater basket. It is filled by simply unscrewing the top lid and filling directly.

S6 Golf Cart Kit 5L Reservoir

When purchasing the S6 Golf Cart kit, you can select the option of the 5L or 8L reservoir. The 5L reservoir is mounted out of sight under the bodywork of the cart (usually a rear wheel well or front storage compartment). It is connected via a hose to a gas cap style fill cap on the outside of the cart. This installation suits most carts but especially Club Car.

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