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Start as a Fresair Affiliate

Becoming a Fresair Affiliate is simple! All you’ll need to do is sign up and get approved for the Fresair affiliate program, you will receive your very own customizable link to share on all your social media channels, website, etc. For every new customer who purchases a Fresair unit from your personal link, you receive 10% commission.

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Fresair Golf Affiliate Program

Become an Ambassador

Fresair Affiliates bringing in 10 or more new customers can become Fresair Ambassadors. Which means a commission increase for you. You’ll also get the opportunity to take part in national Fresair campaigns.

How it Works

1. Share Your Link

Become a Fresair Affiliate then get your personal link and start sharing it on your social media channels, direct messages or anywhere you like.

2. Give Your Audience a Discount

Your personal link provides gives your friends and audience a 5% discount off their first Fresair Purchase.

3. Get Your Commission

You receive 10% of what your friends and audience pays (excluding tax, shipping and handling fees.)

4. Become an Ambassador

Reach 10 new Fresair unit purchases and you can level up from Fresair Affiliate to Fresair Ambassador. Earn commission for every new purchase obtained from your personal link and get access to paid creative opportunities.


Most frequent questions and answers

The process is so easy! All you need to do is sign up in order to become a Fresair Affiliate. Just submit your name, email address and PayPal email address for your personal account. Once approved, you’ll get access to the affiliate portal where you can view, edit and share your referral link as well as see what rewards you’ve earned. Our affiliate program link accomplishes two things. It allows those with your link to get 5% off their purchase and rewards you 10% of their transaction. This amount will be automatically transferred into your personal PayPal account on a monthly basis so you receive all your rewards at one time each month. Successful affiliates share their link on their social media accounts, websites, video platforms, and communications like direct messages, emails, etc. The more you share, the more your audience as the opportunity to engage and purchase.

The amount for each qualifying transaction will be automatically transferred into your personal PayPal account on a monthly basis so you receive all your rewards at one time each month.

You can access your affiliate portal anytime to review your rewards balance.

*Please note we are not tax professionals. As federal and state tax rules change frequently, we highly recommend consulting with a tax professional for a more definitive answer. 

Simply visit our affiliate portal at, you can log in from there and will be directed to your dashboard.

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