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Installation: Adhering the Sealing Foam Tape

What you’ll need: Fresair Unit, Sealing Foam Tape

  • With the unit still in place and secure, use a permanent marker to draw an outline around the outside base of the unit on the roof.
  • Remove the unit from the roof and turn the unit over. Stick the thicker sealing foam tape around the airbox up to the honeycomb plastic line.
  • Cut the sealing foam tape to the correct length ensuring there are no gaps where the sealing foam tape ends meet. (See figure 3)

  • Stick the thinner foam on the roof along where you traced the outside of the base.
  • Overlap the outline slightly to ensure a conservative amount of foam sticks out from the base of the unit.
  • Again, cut the foam to length ensuring there are no gaps where the ends meet.
  • Apply a single bead of silicone along the middle of both the foam on the unit and the foam on the roof. Carefully lower the unit back onto the roof being careful to align the bolt holes first so the foam and silicone form a weathertight seal.
  • At the same time, make sure to bring wiring and tubing through the opening on the predetermined side the wiring and tubing will run to meet their connections.
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