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Installation: Tracing the Mounting Template

Prep Tip: It is very important that the roof surface is clean to ensure a weather-tight seal between the base of the Fresair unit and your roof.

  • Take time to determine where you wish to install your Fresair.
  • Ensure that the unit is placed between roof support bars so you don’t compromise roof integrity. Plan how the internal harness will run to power and reservoir.

What you’ll need: Cardboard Mounting Template, *Masking Tape, *Permanent Marker

  • Place the Cardboard Mounting Template over the exact roof area where you plan to mount your Fresair Unit.
  • Ensure the larger notch (side A) is positioned toward the front of the vehicle and the Cardboard Mounting Template is placed between roof supports.
  • We recommend taping the Cardboard Mounting Template to the roof to eliminate movement while tracing the outline and hole cutouts for bolt placement.
  • Simply trace the open area of the Cardboard Mounting Template.
  • We recommend using a permanent marker so the outline is clearly visible.
  • Once the outline has been drawn, remove the template (and tape.)

IMPORTANT: For Van Conversion you do not need to cut the exact template shape. For ease you should just cut an opening of 14.5” wide (side to side of roof) and 13” tall (front to back of roof).

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