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Installation: Plumbing

What you’ll need: Supplied Water Lines/Tubes, Water Reservoir, Zip Ties, Water, *Plumbing tape

  • Out of the box the reservoir is set up for horizontal mounting but can also be mounted vertically by moving the float sensor and injection pump.
  • Choose an orientation that supports easy access so that you can connect the water lines, easily fill the water reservoir, easily change the float sensor and pump when needed and drain the reservoir if/when necessary. 
  • IMPORTANT: None of the barbs on the reservoir are pre-drilled. You must drill out the return barb depending upon whether you are mounting horizontally or vertically.
  • Using the provided mounting brackets, mount the reservoir in the desired area.
  • Run water lines/tubes to the reservoir according to the figure 5/6. The return water line is marked with a small red dot at the end
  • Pre-drill the Water Return barb on the reservoir. Slide the water return hose onto the barb. The water return hose has a little red dot on the end.
  • Attach the Water Injection hose to the barb on the pump.
  • NOTE: Optionally you can use plumbers tape and a hose clamp or zip-tie to secure the hoses to the barbs.
  • Test the connections by lightly pulling them to ensure the connection is secured.
  • Connect the electrical connectors to the float sensor and injection pump. 
  • Once you’re ready, fill your reservoir with water and seal with the provided cap. 
  • Finally, power on your Fresair and ensure there are no leaks. 
  • Additionally, test all functions to ensure your Fresair is working properly.


NOTE: There are many ways that you could plumb up the reservoir to be filled from the main freshwater tank which is beyond the scope of this manual. The simplest installation described here assumes that you can access the filling cap with a hose. 

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