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Installation: Waterproof Seal

What you’ll need: Fresair Unit, 4 Bolts, 4 Washers, 4 Nuts, 4 Waterproof Bolt Caps, 6 Cover Screws, 2 Finishing Frame Screws, *Screwdriver, *Crescent Wrench(es), *Self-leveling lap sealant/Silicone

  • Choose the ideal bolt length for your installation and roof finish. (Excess bolt length can always be removed with an angle-grinder later.)
  • The bolts you choose will need to be long enough to secure the unit to the roof and have enough thread for the washer and nut to be secured to the end of the bolt of the roof’s interior.
  • Place a small rubber washer onto the bolt and drop in each of the four bolts into the universal bolt holes.
  • Place the provided red rubber caps over each universal hole in the base to further weatherproof the bolt holes.
  • Inside the vehicle, place a metal washer onto each bolt, followed by a nut.
  • Tighten each of the 4 bolts gradually and evenly until the sealing foam tape compresses evenly over the roof lines or ridges. NOTE: Be careful not to over-tighten the bolts as this can warp or crack the base.
  • Inspect how well the foam has compressed over roof ridgelines.
  • If there are any gaps you need to run a self-leveling lap-sealant around the outside of the base and outer edge of the sealing foam tape and onto the roof for a better weatherproof seal.
  • Please allow for drying time so as not to remove any of the seal.
  • On the roof, twist and latch the pine filter back into place (ensure the front of the filter is slotted below the channel at the front of the base.)
  • Attach the top cover using the 4 longer cover screws on the back and sides and the two shorter cover screws at the front of the unit.
  • Attaching the cover makes it easier starting at the front first.
  • Attach the finishing frame inside the vehicle using the two finishing frame screws (This step can be skipped if you are building custom trim to match your vehicle’s interior.)
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