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Reservoirs: How do you fill the S7i internal tank once it has been installed?

There are a few options here. You could connect the S7i ‘in’ hose to the vans pressurized water supply through a valve you could open, just like you connect to a sink faucet. The ‘out’ hose could just vent outside or back to the main tank.

The S7i works well for teardrops or step-vans where there may not be any reservoir. You have to pull up to a water supply and connect the hose to fill it.

In step-vans for example, they mount the S7i and run the hoses into the cabin and hang them up. At the start of the day, they pull up to a water faucet, unhang the hoses and connect to the faucet, fill up, hang the hoses back up and go out for the day.

On the Escapod, the user connects a garden hose to the ‘in’ hose on the roof to fill up.

On Van Conversions you could also retrofit an S7i after the fact, without having to run anything inside.

If replacing a MaxxAir fan, for example, you could remove your MaxxAir and replace it with an S7i and connect to the MaxxAir power but run your hoses externally, over the roof, and down the outside. To fill up you would again pull up to a water supply, connect the ‘in’ hose and fill it. You wouldn’t need to run anything else on the inside or break open-finished ceilings or walls.

Find out more information for the S7i here.

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