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Reservoirs: What functions occur after the water is pumped from the reservoir to the top of the unit?

The excess water that travels through the pine filter goes through water channels and passes through (2) additional sub filters ending up inside the small reservoir built into the front of your Fresair. The return pump is located inside the small reservoir which takes all excess water and pumps it back into the main reservoir – this process will continue until all the water is evaporated. The control panel has an indicator light (fill up) that will blink when the water level is low and remain solid when water drops below the sensor inside the main reservoir – at this time both pumps will automatically shut off to avoid damage to the pumps.

We recommend the following troubleshooting tips should you need to troubleshoot any issues with the reservoir.

• If you are on a slope for an extended period of time – Water is pumped up to the top of the unit every couple of minutes and if the excess water cannot reach the return pump due to the angle / slope of the vehicle, water can leak out from the top of the system. This action will not damage the system and is not a design defect.

• Inspect return pump – Please reflect back to owner’s manual for proper maintenance. The return pump is programmed to turn on just after the injection pump to ensure there is never any excess water sitting inside the top of the unit.

• Proper installation of your Fresair – The system must be level and slightly facing downward in the front. If you over tighten the mounting bolts causing the base of the unit to curve downward – water will leak from the top of the unit. It is very important to use the included foam to create a seal around the outside of the mounting bolts.

• Pinched return line – When installing the system be careful not to pinch or crimp the return hose. If this hose is pinched or crimped water will not flow correctly back to the reservoir, resulting in water leaking from the top of the unit.

• Maintenance – We suggest performing preventative maintenance and replacing wearable parts every year (injection pump, return pump and pine filter bag), coinciding with your yearly vehicle maintenance. See full details within the owner’s manual.

• Winterize your system – To drain the water from your system, simply run the unit until the low water indicator comes on and both pumps automatically shut off. This is recommended when your Fresair will not be in use for an extended period of time.

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